TimeSplitters 4 To Be Announced Very Soon – Official Playstation Magazine Italy

The chaotically crazy, pistol-whipping monkeys are back! According to the September edition of the Official Playstation Magazine Italy, Crytek are supposedly close to announcing the highly anticipated follow-up to PS2 title TimeSplitters: Future Perfect, now rumored to be TimeSplitters 4.

Free Radical Design were reportedly toying with the idea of resurrecting the fabled TimeSplitters franchise before Crytek swooped in and acquired the talented development house in 2009.

The multiplatform title is allegedly utilizing the spectacularly beautiful CryEngine 3, ensuring everything glistens with a high definition sparkle – a 2012 launch is the most likely scenario. Check out the enticing rumor below and in the latest issue of the Official Playstation Magazine Italy.

  • ”The pistol-wielding monkeys are back. TimeSplitters 4 will be announced very soon.”